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Proud Member of the American Celiac Disease Alliance

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Program is a founding member of the American Celiac Disease Alliance. We are pleased to make this survey, a project of the ACDA, available on our website in order to ensure wider participation in this effort. Please, if you see this survey on another website, only complete it once.



From the ACDA

Help Improve Insurance Coverage For Dietitian Services

The only treatment for celiac disease is strict adherence to the gluten-free diet.  It is vital that individuals receive nutritional counseling to ensure they understand the diet, and how to make the necessary changes to ensure it is followed properly.    

That's way the American Celiac Disease Alliance has taken up the fight to improve insurance coverage for dietitian services.

We are gathering information to better understand when health insurance companies cover dietitian services, particularly for individuals diagnosed with celiac disease. 

If you are an individual with a biopsy-confirmed diagnosis of celiac disease, or the parent or family member of a person who has been biopsy-confirmed to have celiac disease, please TAKE ACTION and complete our brief survey.  

Your participation will benefit many others with celiac disease.

Any information provided to the ACDA will be kept confidential.




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