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Our celiac disease information line provides expert help with questions regarding symptoms, testing, diagnosis and procedures.

Call us Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. central standard time at (773) 702-7593 with your questions. Most calls will be answered immediately, by a live person. Messages will be returned within 48 hours.


Gluten-Free Care Package Program Minimize

Gluten-Free Care Package Program:  The Gluten-Free Care Package is a basket of gluten-free resources, including a gluten-free food guide, support group information and food samples to instruct dietitians and patients on the gluten-free diet. It contains all the information a person needs to start the gluten-free diet so that he or she can concentrate on getting well.


Since the founding of the program in 2001, we have distributed over 1,000 Gluten-Free Care Packages to patients newly diagnosed with celiac disease, all over the country.  Patients who are eligible for the care package program have been diagnosed with celiac disease through a biopsy in the past three months, and have typically not seen a dietitian. If you would like to learn more about the care package program, and your eligibility please contact us at: (773) 702-7593. 




Annual Celiac Blood Screening Minimize

Annual Celiac Blood Screening:  Every October we hold a free celiac blood screening day to test people who are at risk for celiac disease.  Each year we test approximately 400 people, and one quarter of our participants are children.  Many would not otherwise have had access to celiac disease testing, either because their doctors refused to carry out the tests, their insurance would not cover the cost or they were uninsured altogether. 


Individuals at risk for celiac disease are eligible to participate. In addition, participants may not be on a gluten-free diet. Eligibility is determined when the participant calls our office to register; registration opens in early August. Watch our website’s events page for more details.


The blood screening is held at the University of Chicago Hospitals Ducchoissois Center for Advanced Medicine.  The test performed is the tTG-IgA, or tissue transglutaminase test.  This test is the most sensitive screening test available for celiac disease.




Celiac Disease Research Minimize
We have one of two research teams in the world that is working to understand the nature of the immune system in the gut and the earliest response of the intestine to the presence of gluten. The principal investigators on this research project include Dr. Stefano Guandalini, founder of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Program. Research is currently underway in our dedicated celiac disease laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Bana Jabri, a pathologist and world-renown celiac researcher.

Patients who have biopsies for celiac disease at the University of Chicago may be eligible to participate in the research.


Patient and Professional Education Minimize
Dr. Guandalini frequently lectures at medical meetings and conferences and conducts Grand Rounds on celiac disease for medical professionals. We also have an annual lecture tour that speaks to celiac support groups and medical professionals, and so far has reached nearly 4,000 people in 22 different states. The tours have covered such topics as: "Celiac Disease: Myths and Facts," "Taming Temptation: Practical Strategies for Maintaining a 100% Gluten-Free Diet," and the current program, "T-Cells and tTG: The Role of Genetics and Autoimmunity in the Development of Celiac Disease." For more information about these programs, please call our office at: (773) 702-7593.


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