The good news about Celiac Disease is that if it's caught early enough and treatment--the gluten free diet--is stricly followed the body can return to full health!

Adhering to a gluten free diet, while still challenging, is becoming easier to do as more and more gluten free products come to market.  Similarly, as awareness of celiac disease rises, the treatment for it is becoming more "socially acceptable."

It is important to remember that for someone with celiac disease, following the gluten free diet is not a trend or an option, rather it is a medically required prescription.

A registered dietitian, trained in the gluten free diet and celiac disease, can be a great asset in treating the disease.

Also, please feel free to call our information line with questions related to the disease, its treatment or follow up care.  Our gluten free care package is also available for newly biposy-diagnosed Celiacs.