The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center publishes Impact, a quarterly electronic e-Newsletter.

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Current issue of Impact Newsletter: 

Q3-2011, Dietary Shortcomings in Children on a GFD



Q2-2011 Gluten Free Labeling

Q1-2011, Dermatitis Herpetiformis

and Celiac Disease

Fall 2010, Understanding Gluten Sensitivity

Summer 2010, Liver Abnormalities

Spring 2010, Celiac Neuropothy

Winter 2010, Infant Feeding Practices for At-risk Children

Fall 2009, Marsh System

Summer 2009, Mouse Model

Spring 2009, Whole Grains and the GF Diet

Winter 2009, Celiac Iceberg

Summer 2008, Refractory Celiac Disease

Spring 2008, Weight Gain in Adults with Treated Celiac Disease

Winter 2008, Infertility

Summer 2007 , History of Celiac Disease